Toddler Talk Featuring Peaches

little girl whispering a secret to her mommyTODDLER TALK
featuring Peaches

When Peaches was an infant, I used to turn to Al and say, “Man, I wonder what’s going through that little head of hers?” Now that she’s two, I’ve learned that her thoughts are largely comprised of songs on repeat (especially when we’re driving. How many times can one tiny child sing the alphabet during a ten-minute car ride?). More and more, though, I am astounded (and often confounded) by the way she looks at things. Out of the mouths of babes, right? 

This is mainly a diary page for me to record some of my daughter’s verbal gems, but you’re invited to peek! Feel free to share your kids’ quotes (and their ages!) in the comments section.


3 comments on “Toddler Talk Featuring Peaches

  1. Love this idea! I have a 3 year old and a 1.5 year old (20 months apart) and when my youngest was a few months old I started notebooks for them. Just plain spiral ones, but each page was a new month. Gives me a spot to jot this type of stuff down, or any other random thing. Figure these little quirky moments are what will be most fun to relive when they are adults!!

  2. Toddler Talk, Michigan edition:

    Me: Did you play outside today?

    C: No. We went to Gross Motor. (Their version of inside recess)

    M: What’s your favorite thing to do at Gross Motor?

    C (not looking up from her dinner, utterly matter-of-fact): Popsicle horse.

    M: Um . . . What is Popsicle horse, Boo?

    C (still eating): I don’t know.

    M: Well, what do you do for Popsicle horse?

    C: I jump over da stick and climb da steps and—


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