Mar 1 2016

Giveaway: Win $50 to Toys/Babies ‘R’ Us

Happy March! New month, new beginnings…new toys. Or maybe baby clothes. Or whatever else you wanna buy at Toys’R’Us or Babies’R’Us. (This gift card is valid at BOTH stores.) I know a lot of my readers have kids, and/or grandkids, and/or friends-or-sisters-or-neighbors-who-just-made-THAT-announcement (you know the one), so this giveaway is for you.

Or maybe you’re twenty-eight and you just really like Play-Doh and Tonka Trucks. That’s fine. This giveaway can be for you, too.

There are lots of ways to enter! Just head down to the widget below, or over to the Facebook page for an additional way to win. If you’re already subscribed to the blog and/or following me on the social media channels, those are automatic entries for you guys — you’d just need to sign into the widget and click the ones that apply to you. 🙂

As always, I appreciate your readership! This giveaway closes on St. Patrick’s Day (Thursday, March 17, 2016) at 5 PM PST. Good luck!

$50 Toys’R’Us/Babies’R’Us Gift Card

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  1. Entered! Thank You for the chance! I can’t follow you on Instagram because I don’t have a account, because i don’t have a smart phone or Tablet. I hope that don’t hurt my chances. Thanks Again!

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